4 March - 20 April 2023  

Born in South Korea in 1984, Yoyojin is a doodle, animator digital, documentary artist, who utilises pop culture to spark understanding between people and cultures. He is most recognised for his doodle style, mixing urban influences with charming rounded figures, human or imaginary creatures, walking the line between the relatable and the unknown. 

In this post-pandemic exhibition, artist Yoyojin reflects on our freedom to travel, and what binds us to places. To cope with the hardship of being in a long-distance relationship during the pandemic, with his partner living in another country, the artist took an interest in birds, unbound by human borders.

Artist Yoyojin at Nonage Gallery for his exhibition Borderless, March 2023. 

However, being able to cross borders does not mean that birds are free from
all boundaries. Even after crossing a national border, 'moving' is a process of
inevitably encountering obstacles. Migratory birds face exhaustion, as well as many obstacles due to environmental changes, while they 'move' to their destination across borders. Nevertheless, birds - and we - migrate.


Artwork image - V formation limited edition print

V-Formation, Yoyojin 
Limited-edition print, 2023 
Giclee on paper, 50 x 41cm  

Nest 4, Yoyojin Mixed media on canvas, 2023 
145.5 x 89.4cm

In BORDERLESS, Yoyojin's first solo exhibition in Singapore, the artist explores
the concept of borders from various perspectives, and raises the topic of what
direction we can go toward the future. Bird, Move, Migration and Future are
the four main themes of the exhibition.

Artist Yoyojin working on his mural at Nonage Gallery, March 2023. 

Opening event of BORDERLESS at Nonage Gallery, March 2023. 


BORDERLESS by Yoyojin at Nonage Gallery, 4 March - 20 April 2023. 

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