10-31 December 2022 

'City Super Zero' art exhibition by Yuya Saito in December, 2022. 

'City Super Zero' art exhibition by Yuya Saito in December, 2022. 


Yuya Saito was born in Japan, graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma, USA, and is currently based in New York. 

He became interested in cities and street culture when he started skateboarding in his childhood, and represents works about ‘the relationship between cities and people’.

Artist Yuya Saito at the opening event at Nonage Gallery, December 2022. 

Most of his works have a consistent theme that the chaos of the city, with its overcrowded intermingling of people, things, and events, is an essential element for the maturation of culture. 

And now, as our time spent in digital space increases and our consumption behaviour accelerates, he feels the birth of new cities and streets in digital space,  where there is no concept of gravity, and where immaterial objects abound. 

Mini-Ramp_GSZ_007, Yuya Saito
Mixed media, 2022
30 x 22 x 15cm 

'Moment_Face_Model_A_02', Yuya Saito 
Mixed Media, 2022 

In this exhibition, the uniquely curved support is inspired by Saito’s roots in skateboarding, creating a new visual language to represent cities and streets. In addition, a ghost appears as a symbol of digital space, free of gender, skin colour, and the effects of gravity. NFT works were also exhibited in an attempt to capture a new vision of the city. 

Ghost Super Zero 06-09, Yuya Saito 
Digital art, 2022 


The value created by zero is just around the corner.

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