4 February - 1 March 2023

Berlin-based artist David Pher grew up in a home filled with art and music. Being a music producer and DJ as well as a full-time artist offers him a unique perspective into playing with audiences’ senses, and to take them to new heights of perception.

STORYTELLER offers perspectives into abstraction as a universal language transcending cultural and linguistic barriers. In David Pher’s large and vibrant paintings, cryptic inscriptions meet daily symbols, child-like representations and abstract motifs in vast expanses of colour. Creating meaning by deconstructing traditional pictorial conventions, the artist develops a hybrid and otherworldly artistic language threading the line between symbolism and pure emotion.

Inspired by 20th-century masters of abstraction, the process of unlearning and the power of intuition, David Pher shares the inner workings of his creativity through defiant strokes and strong compositions. Unravelling mysteries of consciousness, these utopian paintings are an invitation to find meaning beyond the artist’s own cultural standpoint.

Nonage is proud to invite David Pher for his first-ever solo exhibition in Asia and to invite you to travel into a myriad of dreamy landscapes of imagination.

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