Adam Handler

Painter Adam Handler's Inspiration | SerendipityGraduated from the State University at Purchase, New York, in Art History, Adam Handler's artwork are deeply personal and inspired by a deep love for his wife, mother, and grandmother. As a young child, Handler spent a lot of time at his grandparents' framing factory in New York City, where he recalls the artistic
seed being planted.
Quirklv. colourful, primitive are just a few words to describe the extraordinary talent has, as he creates dynamic works that express chaos through themes of loneliness, imagination, solitude and connection. His recognisable characters such as bats, ghosts and wide-eyed girls embody innocence and adolescent energy are distinctive to him, as he aims to invite his viewers to discard the heaviness of time and reallv question
perception through his work.
Handler has his work exhibited throughout the world. This includes, Paris, Shanghai, Taiwan, Canada, South Korea and Lebanon.