Takeru Amano

Takeru Amano - Collaborations with Avant ArteA Japanese asian modern and contemporary self-taught artist, Takeru Amano was about 10 years old when he visited an exhibition of Keith Haring in Tokyo. This made a lasting impression on him, and since Haring uses the walls of the store
to paint on, So instead of using paper, Amano decided to spray-paint some flowers on the walls of the local swimming pool, and the rest was history.

Amano's artwork is inspired by the unique and childlike world of the Japanese culture at the end of the 20th century he grew up in. Amano also incorporates classical, philosophical or even mythological subjects and blends them seamlessly with neo-pop aesthetics and often a touch of humour.

He has exhibited his work all across the world from Paris to Tokyo, and in 2020, he published his first art book, Icons. Since then, his career took off with international recognition and appraise all over the world